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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Okay, so it's been a year since I posted and several since I posted seriously.  As I read my last post, I stand in principle by what I said, at least in general.  The constitution party deserves a read, but so does the Libertarian party and the rest.  All that most seasoned political observers know and have already done.  Most of them have quickly dismissed those readings.  I think that's a mistake.

The Democrat and Republican parties have a stranglehold on the American electorate.  This is demonstrable...I don't even have to provide proof.  It's self-evident.  We just spent a couple of BILLION dollars on a presidential campaign, several more BILLIONS on house and senate campaigns, and we ended up with the same president, same parties in control of both house and senate, and mostly the same individuals inhabiting those seats.  For any thinking American, this should be unacceptable.

Obama is, by any rational standard, a failed president.  And a corrupt one.  He is surrounded by yes men (and women), by corruptocrats who are very into machine politics and "paying people back" for real or imagined slights or offenses in the past.  I'm flogging myself trying to figure out why even any LIBERAL would vote for this man.  The anti-war crowd?  Obama not only has killed more people in war than Bush ever dreamed of, but he's issued executive orders that make it "legal" for him to simply rub out whoever is in his way, be they American citizens or whatever.  Not a peep from these supposedly "principled" people in response.  It makes me SICK.  I didn't have any respect for "code pink" and "amnesty international" and the rest of these pukes before, but now I have empirical evidence that their "principles" are nothing more than "whatever gets the Democrat elected".

So where does the principled conservative go from here?  Good question.  Certainly not with the Republican party...the establishment guys like Boehner and friends are busy trying to suck up to Obama so they aren't blamed for the tsunami of bad news about to issue from Obama's failed policies.  The Libertarian and Constitution brands have been damaged pretty much beyond repair...mostly through the inaction of the proponents of those parties, but who can really blame them?  They didn't know any more than the rest of us did how bad our leadership would really be.  How could they know that they'd have a platter on which to present their ideas so soon?

For my part, I suspect my window of activism has passed me by, at least as far as "machine" politics go.  I'd dearly love to run for office, but I WILL NOT bow down before the party apparatus, and that appears to be what is necessary to make such a run happen.  Too bad so sad for me.  For the republicans?  Hard to say.  The D vs. R war will be waged until other, more important things get in the way.  My money is on that happening this year...but then my money has been on that happening "this year" for about 5 years now, so take it with a grain of salt.  I have no idea why this system is still functioning.  Okay, actually I know that the only reason this system is still functioning is through the heroic efforts of the Fed and in particular Mr. Bernanke.  If he didn't have the presses fired up and running full-tilt we'd already be in a world of hurt.

But I'd be very surprised if even Bernanke (a sad, sad little man, really) were able to stave things off another year.  Obama will be swept away (and hopefully be rightfully blamed by history) by events that are just now forming.  I'm stockpiling food, fuel, tools and so forth.  So should you.  Seem freaky?  Maybe.  But just think what happens when you go to buy something at the store and find out that a dollar isn't worth the paper it's printed on?  Visit http://survivalblog.com or http://survivalweek.com for tips on how to understand and survive the coming hard times.  Not hard as in "geez, I can't seem to find that new toy my daughter wants for Christmas" but hard as in "geez, the grocery store is closed and the stop-n-go is closed and I need gas and food".

Obama hasn't spent any time at all preparing the American public for this type of thing, but it's coming.  You voted for him, America.  Now you're going to get what you voted for, and you'll get it very fast and hard without any lube.


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