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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Picture = 1,000 Words 

Nuke the mullahs.


Friday, May 27, 2005

a cogent point on slashdot 

just saw this on slashdot.
Oregon Woman Sues Yahoo for $3 Million
Posted by Zonk on Friday May 27, @10:14AM
from the a-little-to-much-hoo dept.

bigtallmofo writes "After notifying Yahoo that two member profiles about her were not authorized, Cecilia Barnes of Oregon is suing Yahoo for $3 million for failing to take down the profiles in a timely manner. The profiles allegedly set up by her ex-boyfriend contained nude photos of her along with her email address and work phone number. (Note: The member profiles have since been taken down by Yahoo)."
by geomon
I think that portal-based adult groups will probably go "bye-bye" if they are viewed as a financial risk to the hosting site. Yahoo puts all of this webspace up without asking questions about the veracity of the information and then doesn't have the resources to properly police it. I'm sure MSN will drop theirs as well if this case goes against Yahoo.

I'm sure that this woman is not the first person who has had an x-boyfriend/husband/lover post nude pictures of them on the net.
Yeah, usenet is much more effective (Score:5, Funny)
by Colin Smith

If he'd posted them there, they would still be circulating. See, a distributed, redundant architecture protects you from a single point of failure.
Re:Adult Groups a Liability Risk (Score:2)
by bagel2ooo

So why doesn't she sue her ex-boyfriend whom posted this information without her consent? Yahoo the site is just a tool, it would seem the person who posted those pictures should be the one to be sued not the tool which was misused.
Re:Adult Groups a Liability Risk (Score:5, Funny)
by Y2

He doesn't have three million dollars.


Thursday, May 26, 2005

Speaking of New World Archaeology... 

Just ran across this article on Dierneke's blog, another genetic study guessing the time and number of persons to initially colonize the Western hemisphere. I'll read it when I wake up tomorrow... *g* (Yes, I'm using this blog to write notes to myself. Buy milk.)


Minnesota Vikings of 1362 

A new development in the century old Kensington Stone mystery... Olaf Ohman found the stone in 1898 while digging in a field. The stone was covered with Norse runes, and scholars, skeptics, students and idiots have been debating whether the thing is genuine or not. The inscriptions are at least two centuries old, which places them before Olaf Ohman, but it doesn't place them in the fourteenth century. The research in the linked story above purports to do so.

New world archaeology is an interest of mine, and there are no traces of Viking encroachment on North America beyond a few notes from Lief Erickson and the remains of an encampment in Newfoundland, and then the Kensington Stone in Minnesota. I'd love to hear a story about Vikings traveling across the medieval American prairies, and I've always believed our ancestors were every bit as ingenious as people in modern civilizations, but I'm afraid the skeptics are still holding the day on this one.


Monday, May 23, 2005

Bush is NOT Hitler! 

I keep seeing these idiotic left wing imbeciles comparing Bush to Hitler when there really isn't any comparison between the two.

Hitler didn't disassemble his army before attacking Poland.


Sunday, May 22, 2005

Fighting the Previous War 

Every time the US goes into combat someone raises the (occasionally correct) criticism that our military had prepared to fight the previous war. Nimitz inherited a WWI fleet of battleships at the bottom of Pearl Harbor, MacArthur took his intricately detailed WWIII/Armageddon plans into Inchon Bay and Westmoreland and McNamara walked into the jungles of Southeast Asia cloaked in the aura of American Invincibility.

Rumsfeld isn't guilty of this particular fault. No, he ignored all previous wars in favor of a Return of the Jedi style plan in which a small contingent of Pentagon lawyers would defeat the Iraqi Imperium in forty five minutes and then the middle east would hold celebratory parades for Dubya over the next several years. (Our current strategery is based on the premise that this was successful.)

But as I was watching CNN/Al Jazeera's coverage of the fighting I suddenly realized *their* problem: they were covering the Vietnam War.

You can go two ways with war reporting. You can be patriotic and let the trumpets blare their call of right and might as Shakespeare did in Henry V, as Ernie Pyle did in the Pacific and Ed Murrow atop the flaming rooftops of London. Your alternative (and this is pretty damn manichaen, there isn't a whole lot of gray area here) is to decry the cause of war, and to focus on the death and horror of warfare, and to blame the political leaders who had brought you to this deplorable state. There's a lot of this in history because reporters are self indulgent narcissistic whiners whose entire field of employment is predicated on the assumption (no matter how poorly founded) that they are not only correct in every detail but that they are the Word of God. And when facts prove differently they're still right, because they're reporting those facts now. They even assume that they've always held their current opinion, even when a cursory glimpse at last week's newspaper proves otherwise. Reporters are like Guy Pearce in Memento, detectives with brain damage who are incapable of remembering anything they have done in the past beyond the last few minutes.

The American Press Corps is reporting the Vietnam War.

They were collectively conked in the noggin in 1974, and while vaguely functional they believe they are in an America where there are no personal consequences for drug abuse or sexual promiscuity, being held responsible for ones own actions is "repression" by the Man, and that while there are causes worth dying for the survival of your nation cannot ever be one of them, leaving the unstated corrolary that America and Western civilization aren't worth living for.

I suspect part of this comes with the territory. You have to be skeptical to be a reporter (Dan Rather being the exception testing the rule.) You can't take things on faith. It's just natural that the overwhelming majority of reporters are atheists. As they live and work in their own community they project outward and assume that all of America are the cynical, radically secular assholes that comprise the world they know.

I read an anecdote of a small group of journalists and editors dining at a sidewalk café in New York City talking about how horrible it would be to have Bush elected to a second term in office, and their waiter mentioned that he was voting for Bush. Tina Brown allegedly said "how can we convince people like this that they're wrong?" Easy. Give them rich parents, pay for them to have a four year university education, and provide a well paid and prestigious sinecure, and make damn sure they grow up understanding the overwhelming importance of being fashionable.

Reporters are lazy. Writing is agonizing work, but only if you're not looking out the window at the street cleaners or hot dog vendors making minimum wage or below. Anyone too lazy to work for a living is going to become a reporter. Sure there have been investigative journalists who have performed actual physical research into subjects they write about, but then their ten thousand brethren just cut and paste their findings into their own articles. As a group they go for the easy layup every time, and they like to wait until everyone else is off the court so no one ever sees the four failed attempts leading up to their basket.

Marine Colonel Bob Chase gives us a taste of what battlefield reporage is like. He mentions being interviewed by both Al Jazeera and NBC, but both seem to be taking the same stance on the war; Americans are babykillers. You can sense his growing impatience as he describes an American victory while the American reporter keeps asking him about the catastrophic losses incurred by his troops. Both he and his readers know that the only bit the American public will see are his angry reactions to having been asked for the hundredth time about catastrophic losses. That the losses were not catastrophic will never be reported.

It's just a knee jerk reaction we have as Americans. Death is tragic. This is a corollary of the American Dream, where every boy could grow up to be a millionaire, or be President. Reporters know that if they can highlight a single death then that will be the most important item on the newscast that night, clearly placing them above the journalists reporting the budget fiasco or the decline in American education. So if death is tragic, then who is the villain in the tragedy? Doesn't matter, blame the insurgents or the Pentagon; the important thing to remember is that the reporter is the hero.

Combine the bizarre attitude of the intellectual elite of our nation that the only way of proving one's integrity is by slitting one's own throat with the despicable evolution of the sound bite, and then couple this with the hallucination that Americans are draft dodging hippies cheering on their Marxist mentors in the nations op-ed columns and we have the journalism piled upon us today. It really doesn't do a good job of serving either the left or the right, (the most common charge against it,) it only serves itself.


Saturday, May 21, 2005

Colonel Bob Chase on Operation Matador 

Little Green Footballs has a story from one of their readers with a friend fighting in Iraq, Marine Colonel Bob Chase, who just finished fighting in Operation Matador along the Iraqi/Syrian border.

You can tell from Col. Chase's comments that he knows which parts of his interview are going to make the evening news and which parts aren't.

Personal note:

The original battle plan had called for Iraqi Army units to be involved, but reality set in. While official reports say that there *are* Iraqi Army units, they aren't trained or fit for combat. It's still all American forces doing the fighting. As long as we keep picking small jobs there are enough troops to get the job done. There just isn't anyone to replace them, and they can't ever come home, not as long as the Bush Doctrine is in effect.


Friday, May 20, 2005

A Pentagon Trial Balloon 

US Generals are beginning to publicly express doubts as to the future success of the War in Iraq. This may be because they can add and subtract. Rumsfeld still thinks this war can be won with expensive gadgets bought from Republican campaign contributors. If he doesn't change his mind and soon, we're going to lose Iraq. Remember the old "dominoe theory" that conservative type thinkers thought would apply to SE Asia during Vietnam? If Iraq goes Islamist then Mubarak goes down and so does Musharef and his 10 to 20 nukes, not to mention a half dozen or so other piddly ass countries we couldn't care less about but will probably contribute a half million or so to the general massacre total.

But hey, Rummy *has* changed his mind before. The first stab at taking Baghdad didn't have any ground troops at all; he sent in Apache helicopters to take out the Iraqi Republican Guard. The Pentagon had bought into the Boeing/Northrup concept that all you needed was the spotter helicopter locating targets and your AH-64 Apache popping up out of the tree cover to lay waste to entire tank regiments.

One burning squadron of AH-64s later someone pointed out that Iraq has no trees.

And that Rummy didn't buy any of the spotter helos.

Day Two: The US Army says f*ckit and pounds the crap out of anything that moves. Artillery and tank manouvers shred Iraqi tanks, which for some reason are dug into bunkers, sacrificing mobility but sparing the world the sight of untrained formations playing bumpercar. So see? There is hope.

Except for the fact that Rummy cut us down to a 480,000 man Army and GW Bush put us into a 2.5 million man war. Generals in the Pentagon *do* know how to count. They're carefully and anonymously letting the rest of the US know that.


Dan Rather Wins Peabody Award for Libel 

Dan Rather and Mary Mapes have been given the prestigious Peabody Award, presumably for Fiction. The Zombie of Hunter S. Thompson is to make a suprise appearance and feast on their juicy brains.


Thursday, May 19, 2005

Not Entirely Out of Africa 

Dienekes has an early lead on an article by Vinayak Eswarana, Henry Harpending and Alan R. Rogers called Genomics refutes an exclusively African origin of humans. This will be published in the Journal of Human Evolution. There is a web page for the JHE, but all it does is tell you how to order the damn thing. These journals cost hundreds of dollars a year, usually for one to two issues. I just read them at the local University library.

Harpending is probably most famous amongst non anthropologists for being tag team partner with Greg Cochran, leading proponent of the "gay germ" theory. I am a fan.

Here Harpending, Eswarana and Rogers have staked out a middle ground on the previously virgin soil between the multiregionalists and the "Out of Africa" crowd of anthropologists. Both groups have hard data backing their positions coupled with weak arguments for ignoring their opponents arguments. E,H&R seem to have come up with a theory that appears to account for data from both camps, the genetic loci arguments of the Africa crowd and the morphology arguments of the multiregionalists. Dierneke has a review of the article, as well as the abstract. I'll have to sneak up to the Bennet Library at SFU when the JHE next comes out and read this one. Here's Dierneke's take on the article;
The Eswaran et al. model does not postulate any particular process of migration, but rather the spread of a modern "gene complex" which emerged in Africa. This complex, consisting of a few co-adapted genes conferred a selective advantage, and gradually spread via gene flow from its original source. According to the authors, this model explains the contradictory stories of different genetic loci: some loci were part of the selective sweep that originated in Africa, and hence show a pattern of radiation from Africa, whereas other loci show no such pattern and represent the persistence of much older genomic ancestry.


Cookie Advice 

Gerard offers us some tidbits of wisdom:
Do not, I repeat, consume boutique chocolate chip cookies. Pass by these scented and seductive venues of the Fifth Horseman. Deny them your essence.

Instead, know that small batch, hand and homemade chocolate chip cookies are the only chocolate chip cookies that exist in the realm of the Sacred and the Holy. Indeed, if Nestles, dairy farms and refrigeration had existed at the time of the Last Supper the entire menu of Holy Communion would be different today.

Good advice. As a person who has trouble with alcohol, I can tell you it would be nice if communion was milk and tollhouse cookies. And then maybe a little nap...but it ain't all sweetness and light:
This dictatorial method of getting all the cookies only served me well for a few years. It fell apart on the day it came to my attention that my "little" brother had at last grown large enough to kick my ass when it came to taking more than my share of cookies.

On that day I was also foolish enough to kick back in an effort to retain my rightful share of all the cookies. A small war broke out in the kitchen which caused my mother to come in from the laundry room, break us up, take all the cookies away and cast both my brother and I into the slough of despond by uttering the phrase no child ever, ever wishes to hear from his mother: "Wait till your father gets home."



A Hanson-esque Essay 

After a hiatus, Bill does it again. My favorite bit:
Is humiliation the same as torture? It is not -- that's why the words are spelled differently. To get to the heart of the difference, assume you were a prisoner at Abu Graib, and your interrogator started to remove your fingers one by one with bolt cutters. How long would it take you to beg to be posed with women’s panties on your head? Yeah, I thought so.

My thoughts EXACTLY. He hits so many perfect notes in this thing it's like a symphony orchestra. Read it all (if you have the time). It should be required reading for all morons who are getting ready to go out and march for tyranny, viciousness and oppression against freedom and decency, protected by those they protest.


Feeling a Draft? 

The US Army has been having troubles with manpower ever since the start of the Iraq war. Despite continually lying through his teeth that we have sufficient manpower to do the job in Iraq, Rumsfeld and the DoD began calling up the IRR, the Irregular Ready Reserve, but only in a few technical cases, what they call the 3 M's, Medical, Military Police and Military Intelligence.

And now *cough* Infantry.

We didn't have a large enough army to do this war. I Told You So, and so did everyone else who ever wore a uniform. The neo-cons are willing to spend 200 billion dollars a year on military spending for Iraq, but only if the money goes to hi-tech arms manufacturors, not soldiers who don't contribute millions of dollars to re-election campaigns. After screwing over the doughboys and dogfaces all this time the neo-cons have the gall to act suprised when enlistment and re-enlistment rates drop.

I'm not worried so much about the current conflict, no matter how idiotically managed it may be. The danger lies in the fact that GWB and company are ignoring the *real* dangers our nation faces in the insane rule of Kim Jong Il and the impending collapse of Musharef's government in Pakistan (leaving 10 to 20 tactical nukes in the hands of the upcoming Islamist government) and the fact that we won't have a working army left by the time these events occur.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Moving On 

Well, I've been on pins and needles all day today. That would be because it was the last material hurdle of selling my house: the dreaded FHA inspection the buyer had to have done for their financing. Turns out I've maintained my house better than I thought...we passed with flying colors. You can go to any mls database search and find it at MLS #3030831...I'm rather pleased with the pictures my agent came up with. It catches the colors pretty nicely.

The colors...ah, yes. You see, one night my then-fiance and I were sitting watching "Fools Rush In". If you've seen it, then you'll remember the scene where Matthew Perry's character comes home to find that his new wife and in-laws (all Mexican) have redecorated his house in wild Mexican colors. As soon as I saw that, it was all over but the crying. All that was necessary was to put a little different twist on the colors to make them more northern and our decor was born.

Our first realtor told us we should consider repainting the entire interior of the house in more neutral colors. Phbbbbbbbt. You're fired, lady. The next realtor loved it, and said it just needed the right buyer. My kind of lady.

So who buys the house? A couple where the man is caucasion-American and the woman is Hispanic...EXACTLY like the movie. They say we have "Mexican spirit". Heh. They have a little girl about 6. I think it was her that decided they would be buying the house. Very fun. I like the idea that a nice family will take over the place instead of the vulture-like investors that have been snapping up all the decent houses in our neighborhood.

Anyway, that clears the deck for us to complete buying our dream house and moving upstate at the end of June. I'll post pics at some point, once I take some and figure out how to host them for free. I never, ever thought I'd live in a house like the one we'll be closing on July 1. It will be a grand day.

The American dream is alive and well, people.


More Iowahawk... 

Not having the same taste for rotting fish soaked in lye that characterizes many Minnesotans like Dan, I skipped around a bit on Iowahawk's web site and found something a bit more to my own taste.

"I initially showed that the so-called 'scientific method,' so treasured by the self-appointed high priests of science, was nothing but a bizarre ritual of the industrialist phallocracy," said Grok. "From there, it was a short intellectual leap to disprove the reality of the periodic tables, gravity and algebra."


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Media Bias is Getting Serious 

And it's starting to hit close to home.


Them's Fightin' Words 

Derb just made himself a target.


Election Day 

It's election day here in beautiful British Columbia, where Canadian citizens can show up at the last minute, register to vote and then cast their uninformed ballot for the most anglic sounding candidate for their four block wide riding. I'm in North Vancouver, of course, and my vicious libel may only pertain to the fascist octogenarians I will be dealing with as Voting Clerk in North Vancouver/Lonsdale.

This election is only for the British Columbia legislature, not the Federal Parliament.

The incumbents are the BC Liberal Party, who are the neo-conservatives. They have slashed taxes for the rich, then cut education and health care after promising not to do so. They spent five million dollars to remove 40 people from the welfare roles. They have a 71 - 2 majority, but that's about to change.

Their major challengers are the New Democratic Party, or the Socialists. They had the previous government majority, raised taxes, increased government spending, took very public bribes and made very stupid mistakes (spending tens of millions of dollars on a fleet of "fast ferries" that couldn't float) and went from a 39 seat majority to only 2 MLAs. But the Libs did such an evil job in their turn the public looks to be giving the NDP another shot.

Anyway I'm going to be running the polling station for my riding from 0730 until whenever we get the votes counted tonight, hopefully nine pm, maybe ten or later. If I'm still conscious I'll let you know how things went.


Monday, May 16, 2005

How Soon We Forget 

Remember when Palestinian Muslim swine took over the Church of the Nativity and descrated it in the foulest terms while stealing everything they could from it?

I guess that means we can go out and kill, loot, riot and wipe our asses with Korans now, huh? Oh, that's right, that sort of behavior is only excusable when it's the Muslims doing it while using our Leftist media's false reports as a pretext. Gah.


Quick Quiz from Colby Cosh 

Colby Cosh has an amusing little quiz on his webpage today.

Quiz time--who said it?

I think [The Passion of the Christ] was a pretty fine movie, and darned if it didn’t get people talking about religion again, a subject that some are trying to close off from the public square, a pet peeve of mine. Though the Judeo-Christian worldview has served us well for more than two hundred years and underpins the finest society in the history of the world, there are those fighting hard to throw it all on the scrap heap and replace it with radical secularism, a worldview that has brought us Nazism, Communism and some of the greatest horrors of all time.

a) George H.W. Bush;
b) Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX);
c) Mike Nelson, the lovable human face of cult comedy series Mystery Science Theatre 3000.

I'd been downloading episodes from alt.binaries.multimedia.mst3k on a whim this weekend and had googled the above interview with Mike Nelson, then coincidentally read the Colby Cosh post off of a link from Gene Expression, a physical anthropology website. I'm putting it here just to let Dan know that he's not alone up there in the tundra of Southern Saskatchewan, as Mike Nelson also decries the complete and total lack of merit in his hometown Minneapolis Star and Tribune, which he calls the "Star and Sickle."

See, Dan? There are two of you.

DAN ADDS: I knew there was something I liked about that guy/show.


Housecleaning Time and a Proposal 

Perhaps you've heard about the Newsweek kerfluffle. You know, the one where yet ANOTHER left-leaning "news" source got it wrong, only this time over a dozen people are dead and our enemy got another (false) propaganda victory.

Dan Rather, Jayson Blair, Eason Jordan, and the list goes on...It's time to clean house. I mean seriously. I don't believe any of these people even wrote for a college paper. *I* wrote for my college paper. If I would have brought a single story with even a single unnamed source, or unconfirmed by another source, they wouldn't have run it. These people make a very healthy living off of cranking out single-unnamed-source tripe, and now it's starting to get people killed.

I propose that every single current news-related employee of every newspaper, magazine, television station and radio station in the entire world be summarily fired and replaced by tribbles. They would be more reliable and a hell of a lot cuter.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Master of the Fisk 

Early in my "awakening" from my long liberal nightmare, I discovered Tim Blair. He stuck out because he was a non-American who seemed not to hate America, plus he delivers a fisking that will strip the varnish off a footlocker.

Don't make this guy mad at you. And to judge from his excerpt, Omar at Iraq the Model isn't bad either.


Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Evil US Military 

Here's your evil military, dirty Leftist scum. As you look at that picture, keep in mind that there are people in this country who enjoy more freedom than any people in the history of humanity who revile that soldier and cheer on the vile vermin that killed that child.

There are no words for the contempt in which I hold the Left these days, and it really started when I read the words "Screw them". I just absolutely cannot believe I used to be a "liberal". I'm so ashamed.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Good Lord 

The world is getting to be too weird a place for me.


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