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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Something tells me this could be the most important thing to happen in my lifetime. Consider it. If life were proven to exist on other planets, what would be the effect on religion alone? Whole religions could be proven invalid. Other religions born. Humans would more or less be proved to *not* be the center of God's attention.

Of course, the impact on fields like biology, bacteriology or genetics would be nothing less than revolutionary. And I predict that if such an announcement is made, less than 25 years will pass before a man walks on Mars. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking.


Thursday, February 26, 2004

Some people see racism wherever they look. No matter who did or said what, the white guy is at fault and all white people should be made to pay. So let's just get out the Fiskinator of Doomâ„¢ and see what we have:

U.S. Rep. Corrine Brown (search) verbally attacked a top Bush administration official during a briefing on the Haiti crisis Wednesday, calling the President's policy on the beleaguered nation "racist" and his representatives "a bunch of white men."

I wish I had a dime for every time a black congressasswipe called someone racist without providing good grounds for the accusation. They must want very badly to cheapen the charge, since they throw it around so much. Let's hear from one of Bush's "bunch of white men":

Her outburst was directed at Assistant Secretary of State Roger Noriega (search) during a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill. Noriega, a Mexican-American, is the State Department's top official for Latin America.

Oops. That guy is a hispanic. Ah, well, we can't let stupid things like facts get in the way.

"I think it was an emotional response of her frustration with the administration," said David Simon, a spokesman for the Democrat from Jacksonville, Fla. He noted that Brown, who is black, is "very passionate about Haiti."

Who cares if Brown is Black (or if Yellow is Green, for that matter)? Al Sharpton doesn't get pass for being stupid. Neither did Cynthia McKinney, and she got what she so richly deserved. And so will this one.

Brown sat directly across the table from Noriega and yelled into a microphone. Her comments sent a hush over the hourlong meeting, which was attended by about 30 people, including several members of Congress and Bush administration officials.

Okay, so she had her hissy fit to get attention and create a spectacle. Now on to the part that *really* took my breath away:

Noriega later told Brown: "As a Mexican-American, I deeply resent being called a racist and branded a white man," according to three participants.

Brown then told him "you all look alike to me," the participants said.

Wow. What a damned racist.

During the meeting, Brown criticized the administration's response to the escalating violence in Haiti, where rebels opposing President Jean-Bertrand Aristide's (search) government have seized control of large parts of the country.

That would carry more weight with me if someone would describe for me the reasons why gangs in Haiti are an immediate and pressing concern for the United States Congress.

After her comments about white men, Noriega said he would "relay that to (Secretary of State) Colin Powell and (national security adviser) Condoleezza Rice the next time I run into them," participants said.


Powell and Rice are black.

Now *there* is a perfect example of stating the obvious. Anybody who read this far in the article knows this, because they are all political hacks like me. Nobody else really cares that yet another member of the black female dipshit caucus wet herself again today.

A State department spokesman did not return a phone message.

U.S. Rep. Mark Foley, a Florida Republican who organized the meeting, called the comments "disappointing."

"To sit there and browbeat this man who is a Mexican-American and call him names, it was inappropriate," Foley said.

Brown has criticized the detention of Haitian migrants fleeing their country and the freezing of millions of dollars in aid over flawed 2000 legislative elections in the impoverished Caribbean nation. In a statement Wednesday, she made parallels to the disputed 2000 election in Florida.

Oh, God, please spare us from the incoming round of asshattery....

"It simply mystifies me how President Bush, a president who was selected by the Supreme Court under more than questionable circumstances (in my district alone 27,000 votes were thrown out), is telling another country that their elections were not fair and that they are therefore undeserving of aid or international recognition," Brown said.

I guess not all prayers are answered. You know, I'm pretty personally offended. I mean, I learned in grade school about how the electoral college works in presidential elections. The LLL (to borrow a term from LGF) contingent just never quite figured it out, even those who make their living doing it. Good Christ, what are we paying this woman to be so stupid? I don't recall, but I think it's into 6 figures. and she (and a bunch of other congresscritters) *still* mistake what happens for the supreme court "selecting" Bush. Cripes, all they did, as anybody with any brains knows, is tell the FL supremes that, yes, they did in fact have to follow their own election laws. What does it take to get things through to these guys?

Oh, and I'd *really* like to know where she got the 27,000 number.

Lastly, by God, YES, I do like the idea of telling people of other countries that if their elections don't meet a certain standard of fairness that they don't get squat. Matter of fact, why don't we just cut foreign aid by 50%? We could ax Egypt's yearly allotment for all the good it does us.


The EU, and indeed specific parts of it really, deeply, piss me off. They piss off Iranians (via AllahPundit), too. So far, they haven't had to really pay for their perfidy. But they owe the US, and a lot of the rest of the world, a LOT. And as the link says, they'll pay sooner or later. And we've got time.


Ion Mihai Pacepa shares two things in common with my cube-neighbor. He's Romanian and his first name is the same. Okay, so my neighbor's name is Ioan, but you get the idea. Anyway, Mr. Pacepa was one of the top KGB dogs in Romania back in the day, and he was one of the premier Soviet liars until he defected in the late 70s. He feels that Kerry has some 'splaining to do.

So do I. I tried to approach Kerry as a candidate with an open mind, I really did. Even though Lieberman was the only one in the entire democratic field that made any sense to me at all, I thought that so many well-meaning Democrats must see something that I don't, right? Well, bullshit. I heard Kerry's testimony on Hugh Hewitt's radio show last week. Both the content and the tone in which it was delivered each alone could have turned me away from Kerry. The combination makes me want to throttle him, then hack the corpse to pieces, then burn the pieces, and finally scatter the ashes and consecrate the site.

The Democrats are right about one thing...if Kerry is elected, this country truly will not be the same country it has been since I was born. All the lies and distortions told by the far left (and even some on the far right) will suddenly become true, much to all Americans' sorrow.


Noam Chomsky is a complete prick. He's an antisemitic jew, and that should tell you all you need to know about whaddamaroon this guy is. If you need more, read what this guy (via Little Green Footballs) has to say about it.


Wednesday, February 25, 2004

So now the Democrats are peeved at Greenspan for telling the truth. I was wondering when somebody was going to mention the Emperor's new wardrobe. He's way behind me, though. Ever since I started working, I've been planning for my retirement assuming a monthly government benefit of $0.00. I guess I thought everybody of my age (36) or younger knew to assume that Social Security won't be there when we're of age. We'll also be the ones to absorb the cost of the last push by the Dems to try to make it work (and most likely fail). Thanks a lot, FDR.


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