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Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Godly Man 

A Godly man has been convicted of the "crime" of being Christian in Iran and refusing to renounce his "apostasy" and recite the shahadah:


He will most likely be executed, probably in a quite barbaric and creative way.  Just go to the link and read his statement, and then compare it to whatever random segment of an Islamic cleric's bellowings you can find easily on the internet.  Who is the man of virtue and who is the screaming nutcase caveman?  It's easy to tell.

I echo the sentiments of the blogger.  Obama has for the most part been an unmitigated disaster for the United States.  But two things I will commend President Obama for:  1)  He has shown extreme prejudice in hunting down the Islamic nutballs that want us dead, and done so in a very similar fashion to what I personally would have done, and 2) He issues here an incredibly clear condemnation of Iran (and really, Islam) for its extreme religious intolerance.

Good show, Mr. President.  No way on this Earth will you EVER get my vote...but you have managed to marginally reduce my antipathy toward you.  It is rather telling, though, that the very things you have done that make the most sense are the very same things that are turning off your base (e.g. lefty moonbats).  I do sympathize with anybody who has the impossible job of trying to placate the Daily Kos Krowd while still maintaining any kind of connection to reality.  It's gotta be tough.


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