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Friday, February 25, 2005

And Again 

Dirty scummy slimy scumbag barflicking crapsucking fartsniffing terrorists strike again. The best thing that can be said about these asswipes is that at least they off themselves and save us the trouble. I just wish they'd find a way to end their worthless existence that doesn't take out innocent people with them.

Israel needs to finish the wall, proceed as scheduled with the disengagement, pull out of "palestine" and let them all go to hell by themselves. The resulting Pali civil war should take care of a lot of the worst, most dangerous terrorists as they off themselves and each other, and the IDF can just pop in and mop up the remainder in a year or two. The Palis who are left after that are probably just the decent ones (at least those that didn't get waxed by the nutjobs) and they can finally begin putting together an actual society that's worth something.


Freedom's Peace 

A very, deeply, cool blog by, as I understand it, the political scientist who popularized the realization that democracies, as a rule, don't go to war with each other. Check it out.


Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I harped on this thing all last year. Other bloggers did too. And now it's finally hitting the mainstream regularly, and the world yawns.

In a few years, liberal bloggers will point at this as evidence that the conservatives in power are indifferent to African suffering, and they'll be partially right. They won't point out that they've been just as indifferent for the most part.

They'll also try to use it to smear conservatives as racist. They'll fail miserably in that, but it won't stop them from trying. This thing isn't about race, much as liberals would like EVERYTHING to be about race. It's about basic human decency and doing what's right. I won't give Bush a pass on this one, but I will point out that Bush at least has been primarily responsible for freeing and saving millions. What has the EU done to help anybody lately? What have the Chinese done? The so-called "moderate" Arabs, whose fellows and co-religionists are the primary villains here?

Many people say that they resent the US being the world's policeman. Well, so do I. As soon as others start to take care of these things, we won't have to, and we can spend our blood and our treasure on ourselves. Until that happens, though, I'll resent it even more when we don't do anything in the face of unmitigated evil.

The EU are not our friends, but more importantly, they have no claim to being civilized if they bitch about Bush and us but are silent and do nothing about this. I never expected any better from the Chinese or Arabs, so I can't really claim to be too disappointed there.


Monday, February 21, 2005

Another Domino Going Down? 

Almost looks like it, don't you think? If it is, and more follow, we'll have George Bush and his administration to thank, who pushed this approach against a huge tide of people screaming how stupid he was and how he was worse than Hitler. I've supported Bush throught the whole thing and even I had my doubts (and still do), but it just is not a good idea to bet against Bush. He's won every single important political battle he's been in.


Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Insomnia Sucks 

Yes, yes it does. Almost 3 in the morning and no sleep in sight.


Sunday, February 13, 2005

Eason Jordan 

It's been an interesting scandal, and Eason Jordan's resignation is satisfactory. A better outcome would have been if he had been tried for treason and locked up forever in a Turkish prison or shot at dawn (his choice).

But when you look at it, he's only repeating what others were saying. He's just taking the heat because he's CNN and the others are worthless scumbag outfits like Reporters Without Borders (the name sounds great, the organization is socialist/communist, hateful, and French--pardon the triple redundancy).


A Really Good Insight 

Libertarians, statists, and terrorists. A love triangle? This may be the thing that's been driving me to support the WoT at all costs. I mean, all other things being equal, terrorism itself isn't going to threaten our country or our way of life in the long run. It can't; it's really a small force in the scheme of things.

But the linked article points out that terrorism recruits statists while government tends to recruit libertarians. I tend to believe that this country is at heart a libertarian entity that has had to make compromises to be effective in the real world. If you don't believe me, read the constitution and the federalist papers.

Anyway, in this way of looking at things, I'm definitely four-square behind the government and against the terrorists. I think I knew this angle all along, and just never quite put my finger on it before.

The Left has been obsessed with listing the reasons "why they hate us". It never seems to occur to them that it doesn't matter why, and besides the terrorists have ALWAYS hated us. Everything they or their backers on the Left ever list (bombing Afghanistan, bombing Iraq, sanctions, propping up dictators, etc) can be disproved by going back further and finding records of them hating us before those reasons existed. It's been going on a long, long time.

Side point: does anybody but me bust out laughing when they list "propping up dictators" and "invading Iraq" (to remove a dictator) in the same breath? They never seem to see the contradiction, and they never seem able to see the historical context of thousands of nukes being pointed at us on a hair trigger and us having to make compromises to not blow up the world. Personally, I'm very, very glad that part is over now and we're on a track of not accomodating thugs anymore. I hope we stay on that track forever.


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

How Many More Scandals Before We Wise Up? 

When it rains, it pours. Again and again and again the UN shows conclusively that it is a horrible organization that should be put out of our misery, and nothing ever seems to happen to move us away from it. More than that, the thieves and criminals that run it answer to nobody and never get punished no matter how much money they steal or how many people are tortured and slaughtered because of their incompetence and malevolence.

Good God.


Friday, February 04, 2005

Iraqis Defend Themselves 

There needs to be more of this kind of thing. The MSM won't publish it, but it will need to happen if the Iraqis are to stay free after we leave.

Of course, liberals probably want to take their guns away, but whatever.


Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Possibly the Longest Blog Post I've Seen 

And it's a two-week compendium of good news from Iraq, much of which has gone unreported by the mainstream media. Coincidence? No.

Anyone who's going to tell me the US is doing a bad thing to Iraq has to first read this post and explain how doing all that for a country is a bad thing.


Possibly the Longest Blog Post I've Seen 

And it's a two-week compendium of good news from Iraq, much of which has gone unreported by the mainstream media. Coincidence? No.

Anyone who's going to tell me the US is doing a bad thing to Iraq has to first read this post and explain how doing all that for a country is a bad thing.


G.I. Joe in Big Trouble 

Hope they rescue him.

Okay, seriously, we've really got to get some people with an education past kindergarten to take over our news services. They've had their asses handed to them again and again and again by amateur bloggers, their lunch has been eaten so many times I've lost count, and now they fall for a hoax that wouldn't fool 50% of first graders.


Update: And the scourge spreads. Heh.


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